Jesus is... (part 2)

In times of loss, grief, and pain we tend to think, “Why did God let this happen? I thought God loved me! Does even care about me?”. It is easy to hear the lies that Satan tells us about Jesus when we are hurting but in Luke 7:11-17 we see that Jesus really does have compassion on those who experience pain and loss.

Follow along as pastor Donnie De La Cruz leads us to see that Jesus is Lord of compassion.

Bad Trees, Good Savior (Luke 6:43-49)

When it comes to living the “Christian life”, how do we know if we are on the right track? How can we tell if Jesus has really changed us or someone else? Jesus gives us a great example by telling us to look at the fruit that is being produced by that person.

Follow along as pastor Donnie challenges us to figure out what is in our heart, what we are rooted in, and what kind of life are living?

The Right Way To Judge! (Luke 6:37-42)

No matter if you grew up in the church or not, our culture has the phrase “only God can judge me” deeply rooted in our minds. There is this belief that tells us that we are to never judge others because “the Bible says not too”.

Jesus tells us something a little different and gives a few steps to take so that Christians can follow God’s command when it comes to judging others. Follow along as pastor Donnie leads us through this difficult passage on judgment.

That Hard Type Of Love (Luke 6:27-36

In today’s culture, the word love almost has no value or weight to it. We say we love food, our spouses, and sports teams all the time. Our culture also tells us that we are to only love certain people and only extend so much love before we cut off our love and then we extend hate.

Follow along as pastor Donnie leads us through how Jesus commands us to love in a way that might seem hard but leads to blessing!

Blessed or Cursed? (Luke 6:20-26)

When Jesus speaks, you listen. But what happens when Jesus says something that seems to be backwards? What did Jesus really mean when he said things like “blessed are the poor” and “cursed are the rich”? The kingdom of God works a little different than the world does and we praise God for that!

Follow along as pastor Donnie leads us to figure out where we fall according to life. Are you blessed? Are you cursed?

Purpose! Part 2 (Luke 4:31-6:19)

Everyone will agree that its one thing for someone to say they are going to do something, and another thing for someone to actually do it. Jesus said he came here with a purpose but did he actually do what he said he was going to do? If he did follow through, what does that mean for us?

Follow along as pastor Donnie walks us through multiple passages where Jesus and his actions will challenge our faith and move us into action!

Purpose! (Luke 4:16-30)

What was Jesus purpose while here on earth? If Jesus walked on earth in 2018, what would his mission be? What is our mission as Christians?

Many people have different answers to this question but Jesus knew exactly what his mission was and calls Christians to live with the same mission today. Follow along as pastor Donnie continues to walk us through the book of Luke.

Check Your Heart! (Luke 3:1-15)

John the Baptist came preaching one message, "a baptism of repentance for the forgiveness of sins". John the Baptist stood and called the culture of his time to do a major heart check before coming to God for baptism. He wanted the culture to know that they truly need to repent and not just turn to religion or look toward their ethnicity for the forgiveness of their sins. And we, today, need to do the same heart check! Follow along as pastor Donnie De La Cruz challenges us to truly repent and turn toward Jesus. 

If It's True, Then You Have To Respond (Luke 2:21-38)

Many people who encounter Jesus have been so drastically changed that their entire life is a testimony of Jesus and his glory. We read about 2 people who have been holding on to God's promise of a coming comfort and savior, and when they both meet baby Jesus, they know that God answered his promise!

Pastor Donnie De La Cruz says," if the story of Jesus is true, that he is God's son sent to be the savior of the world, then you have no other choice but to surrender to him! He is the King, He is God!" 

You Are Blessed: (Luke 1:38-56)

Entitlement can be a dangerous quality to have for anyone, but even more so for Christians. When a Christian becomes entitled to God's blessing, they forget that in the midst of hard times, God doesn't have to bless us. Follow along as pastor Donnie De La Cruz reminds us that God chooses to love us despite our sinful ways and that in our hardships, don't just look for the blessings, look for the Blesser! 

You Have To Respond! (Luke 1:26-38)

Have you ever looked at your own life and thought, "I'm too insignificant to make a true impact in this world." Or maybe you thought because of your past or where you are from that you couldn't be used to make a difference in this world? 

Follow along as pastor Donnie De La Cruz shows us in Luke 1 that God cares more about our willingness to respond to him rather than who we think we are or where we come from.